Security Policy

To ensure the safety and privacy of our customer's personal information, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure all ordering information remains private and secure.

Throughout your checkout experience, you'll find that we use high level 256 bit SSL Security encryption to ensure the transferring of information through our website remains confidential at all times.

Your order information is saved in a private system that is only available to the catacombs staff.

We do not store credit card numbers or any other sensitive information anywhere on our servers!

For more information about our security and privacy statements; as well as handling of your information, feel free to view our Privacy Policy.

Verify your security during the checkout process by checking your browser for the padlock icon to signify encrypted transmission of data:

Google Chrome Address Bar:
Google Chrome SSL
Mozilla Firefox Address Bar:
Mozilla Firefox SSL
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Internet Explorer SSL

The appearance of the padlock may vary based upon your browser theme/skin, but the general idea is the same; look for the padlock and/or the presence of https.

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