Privacy Guarantee at the catacombs

Accounts By purchasing from us, you are not requested, forced or secretly generated an account.
Your overview may be used similarly to an account (withold expiry by periodic and/or constant viewing), but there is an expiry date ("accounts" usually do not have expiry dates). Approximately 90 days from your last viewing, your order details and corresponding information will be permanently purged from our system.
Aside from privacy, purging inactive data reduces redundancy on our server and enables new customers to receive faster page loads and accessibility.

Personally Identifiable Information The only personal information collected about you, is what you knowingly and willingly submit to us. This information is not sold, traded or transferred to anyone. Our only objective is to ship the merchandise you request and nothing more.
We are more interested in building a relationship with our customers, rather than exploit them as disposable income. We've survived for over a decade on our customers trusting this fact.

Internet Identification Your IP address (ISP assigned number similar to 123.456.78) is logged with any order or contact you make with us. We log your IP to prevent fraudulent orders or harassment. We do not use your IP address in any harmful or violating way, or share it with anybody! We value your privacy, like we value our own.
We analyze basic surfing statistics to see what our visitors are using to view this website; including their browser type, screen resolution and referral page. We use this information to simply see how people are finding us and to gain knowledge of the tools that are used, so we can improve our layout and fix any bugs. Cookies are used for shopping cart and site enhancement purposes only.

No cookies featured on this website contain malicious codes of any kind. Should a user have cookies disabled, site errors may occur.

Personal Information Your name, billing and shipping address is recorded with every purchase and is held in a non-public database with exclusive access to the catacombs. Sensitive information such as credit card numbers are not held anywhere within our publicly-accessible system!
Customer order history and information is only made available to individuals that confirm their strict identity via secure, multiple authentication methods (which do not interrupt the user-end experience what-so-ever!).

Security We've taken the necessary steps to ensure your information remains safe and private between you and our company with one of the highest SSL technologies available. We employ the latest in data encryption technology between your PC and our servers.

Nuisances No malicious tracking or spying devices are implemented to this website. There is no hidden advertising of any kind on this website or it's directories. If you see any underlined words pointing to pages outside of or; it is highly recommended you scan your system for Spyware (We recommend Spybot Search & Destroy); it is likely you are affected and the ads are being served to you directly through your own PC. By visiting any link in our link section, you are subject to that sites privacy policy and terms, and are no longer inside the catacombs domain.

Your Email Address When you supply your email address to us for an order, we use it to communicate with you regarding your order, or any problems that may arise; nothing more. Once your order has been shipped, you will not receive further messages from us, unless you've opted to receive sale updates via email (which are usually sent out once every six months).

If you signed up to receive merchandise updates about a specific band, we will email you when their products are stocked or restocked, nothing more. We do not cross-reference bands or sign you up to anything else!

Under any circumstance; we do not share, sell or provide any other party with your information or use it in any harmful or violating way.
You can feel safe and secure while shopping at the catacombs.

Technicalities Why we have zero interest in spamming or otherwise annoying our customers:

  • Spamming absorbs massive load on the processing server, thereby slowing the shopping and browsing experience for everyone
  • It's a known fact nobody reads that crap anyway
  • It's a good way to get blacklisted from delivering legit mail to major ISPs
    ...and finally...
  • We don't need to. Our customers keep coming back to us year after year for their merch, we don't need to spam to make a profit.
This Privacy Policy is © 2001-2015 and may not be reproduced in whole or part.

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